Where to eat in Kranjska Gora

March 22, 2022

Where to eat in Kranjska Gora or some of the best restaurants 

After skiing on the Kranjska Gora ski slopes, or a leisurely walk around in the spring, a swim in Lake Jasna in the summer, or after looking for yellow larch in the mountains in the fall, it’s time for a good lunch.

In Kranjska Gora and its surroundings, there are many restaurants, pizzerias, log cabins, and cottages with local, traditional, general, or unique offers for you to enjoy.

We usually visit these restaurants when sleeping in Jacobs Resort and eating in Kranjska Gora. These are our recommendations and are not sorted in any particular order.

Hotel Vitranc, located in Podkoren, has a good restaurant with traditional Serbian grilled food. However, you can also find other dishes. For example, steak in pepper sauce is excellent.

Their website:

Restaurant Lačni Kekec is located at the Kranjska Gora ski resort, below the Kekec chairlift. They are known for their homemade food (local dairy products, homemade dried meats, Slovenian beers, …), but especially for their excellent dishes from grilling.

Their website:

Log Cabin Kosobrin is located halfway between Kranjska Gora and Podkoren, at the Brsnina – Kranjska Gora ski slope. On their menu are many homemade dishes. You can also find slow-roasted meat with an excellent smoker taste in good weather for the weekend. Sour milk, which is my favorite, is available seasonally.

 Their website:

Restaurant La Stella is located at the beginning of Kranjska Gora, right next to the main road. The restaurant has a rich selection of food and drinks. We find almost everything from classic to Mexican food. However, they are best known for various plates for several people.


Pizzeria Pino Hotel Kotnik is located in the center of Kranjska Gora. Their pizzas are prepared in a bread oven. In addition to the pizzeria, a restaurant serves traditional, local, and Mediterranean dishes.

Their website:

Restaurant Šurc is also located in Rateče. It offers a rich selection of classic homemade dishes, excellent fried chicken, made according to its mother’s recipe, and seafood. In our opinion, here are one of the best homemade apple wraps.

Their website:

Restaurant Žerjav is located in Rateče. Their most famous dish, which we also like to order repeatedly, is the homemade fried chicken. However, there are many other homemade dishes, fish, grilled dishes, pasta, and even a culinary specialty – Rateče dumplings. This dish is typical for this area.

Their website:

Mihov dom on Vršič was declared the best mountain hut in 2020 & 2022. They are known for their traditional homemade and Slovenian food.

Until next time, Bini embarassed

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