Valley Tamar

Let´s go to Valley Tamar

If I said I love winter, I would be lying. I wouldn’t say I like the cold, fog, and rain. Not even snow if it causes chaos on the road. But I like snowy hills, open ski slopes, and sometimes even shoveling snow… if only I have the time :P. Otherwise, the last few winters were not snowy. I had higher exceptions in 2021. But in the Alp valleys, there is always snow. So this time, we’re going to jump into one of them. We are going to the Tamar valley.

We start in front of Jacobs Resort and drive towards Rateče and the Nordic Center Planica. Then, just under the ski jumps, we will start our hike. This year Planica is also hosting the World Summer Championships between 10 and 13 December 2020. Usually, thousands and tens of thousands of people gather under the Gorišek Brothers ski jump, but this year this is sadly impossible.

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 The Planica ski jumps in spring

The start of our journey to Tamar

From the parking lot (the parking fee was 3.5 € for the whole day), we now have about 45 minutes of easy walking to the mountain lodge in Tamar. The home is usually open all the time, in winter or summer, from Monday to Sunday. 

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Of course, the trip is also suitable for children and puppies in all possible seasons. Many go sledding in winter, which is incredibly close to children’s hearts, or run on skis. We hikers must be careful to watch out for those who go sledding.

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From the Tamar valley, paths also lead to these mighty mountains that accompany us: Jalovec, Ponce, and Slemenova Špica. Under the ski jumps, we can start our trip even when we decide to visit Ciprnik. Thus, there are a lot of possibilities for easy as well as more demanding or very demanding hikes.

All other options around Tamar and Planica

On weekends and holidays, it is pretty crowded, and during the week, we can enjoy almost complete silence. We can enjoy the sun, fresh air, beautiful views, and snow. The path runs partly through the forest, partly over the scenic slopes, a little straight, a little up, and a little down; there are no extreme ascents here.

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At the end of the valley, we will first see the chapel of Marija Pomagaj, where plaques with the names of the injured mountaineers in these mountains are placed. A few steps further are the mountain lodge, where we can refresh ourselves with food and drink. It should also be mentioned that the path to Tamar can sometimes be quite icy, so small crampons can come in handy.

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But safe steps! You go to the mountains with your head, and even the easy path should not be underestimated. I share my tips, ideas of what to see and experience with you, but everyone has to take care of safety independently. Therefore, I do not accept responsibility for any injuries and accidents. Everyone knows how much he can handle.

Until next time, Bini embarassed

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