Mountain Vošca

November 29, 2022

Mountain Vošca – another hidden pearl

In most valleys, apart from the cold, there is no real feeling of winter yet. There is no snow, of course. I especially love the white December because the snow adds that finishing touch. But if you now want to enjoy the snow, you must go higher. And for that, we will go to the mountain Vošca today. We are talking about a hidden pearl as only a few hikers visit here and there, but the views are phenomenal if you experience them.

jacobs resort kranjska gora vosca 4 scaled 1 Kranjska gora

Picture from the top

Route Description

Mountain Vošca is 1,737 meters high, we climb 737 meters along the route, and it takes about 2 hours to do so. But it is necessary to be aware that no path leading to Vošca is marked. Which I absolutely love.

The adventure, therefore, begins in the village of Srednji vrh, where we park in the marked parking lot. Srednja vas is located right above Kranjska Gora, and it takes 15 minutes by car from Jacobs Resort.

From the parking lot, we continue along the left road. We follow this road the whole time. We first pass the Pr’ Hlebanju cheese factory, and then we pass the path to Trupejevo poldne. Next, we need to go to the farm name Jurež. Here we continue past the commercial building, and then just before the residential building, we turn sharp right onto the roadway that climbs between the two buildings. We continue across the meadow along the road until it turns to the left and gradually passes into the forest. We continue walking along this route until we reach the intersection of two paths, where we must choose the right one. If you take a wrong turn here (left way), you’ll reach a destroyed bridge where the path ends anyway, and you’ll have to turn back.

jacobs resort kranjska gora vosca 3 Kranjska gora

Our start – choose the upper, left road

jacobs resort kranjska gora vosca 2 Kranjska gora

A path leading through the forest

Shortly after this, you’ll come out of the woods onto a grassy slope where the track gets a bit lost, but stick to the right edge the entire way up. Next, we get higher on the more significant road, but we only cross it and continue the ascent along a less well-trodden and initially harder-to-follow path that climbs over a slightly steeper grassy slope. Next, the way goes higher into the forest, where it becomes easier to follow and turns to the left. A few minutes of ascent through the woods follows, and then we arrive at the top grassy slope of mountain Vošca. A moderate climb follows slightly to the left, towards the collapsed buildings that can be seen at the top of Vošča. Just a few moments and the enjoyment can begin.

For The End

The views are lovely, and the route is relatively unpretentious in terms of fitness. Although you will still be “biting your knees”. It can get complicated when it comes to orientation, as the route are not marked. Perhaps it is better to go to Vošca for the first time with someone who knows this route.

jacobs resort vosca Kranjska gora

Stick to the right edge as the track gets lost

jacobs resort kranjska gora vosca 5 scaled 1 Kranjska gora

The peak of mountain Vošca can already be seen in the distance

But a safe step, even such an easy path, should not be underestimated. I share my tips and ideas of what to see and experience, but each one must take safety care of safety alone. Therefore, for any injuries and accidents, I do not accept responsibility. Everyone knows how much they can do.

Until next time, Bini embarassed

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