Climbing path to Mala Mojstrovka

The start of the journey – climbing path to Mala Mojstrovka

Today we are going to Mala Mojstrovka along the Hanz (climbing) path. My mum and I wake up on a foggy morning, but we know that the sun is shining on Vršič, so it is even easier to get up, get ready, check three times that we haven’t forgotten anything, and we are prepared to leave. The higher we are, the less fog surrounds us, and we already see the blue sky. The sun is shining at the top of Vršič, and it is already quite crowded, although we are very early.

1637584201868 Kranjska gora
1637584201847 Kranjska gora

We quickly change our shoes, grab our backpacks and hiking poles, say three words with the hiker going to Prisojnik, and we are already halfway to the Vratca pass, literally because my mom picked up such a pace that I could barely keep up with her. On the way, we meet and overtake quite a few hikers. We are not fans of crowds, and we know that they are pretty standard on Mala Mojstrovka, but this is one of our favorite climbing routes, and now and then, it is necessary to revisit it. (In fact, I “suffered” on the climbing route only once, on Bavški Grintavec across Kanja, when it was still open, but maybe a story for another time ;).
The Hanzova path is one of the most demanding marked trails, we ascend to 2332 meters above sea level, and at the same time, we make a 700-meter altitude difference, which should take about two hours. Not for the faint of heart.
So, I finally approach the Vratca pass, where the path to Mala Mojstrovka branches off to the left, and there comes to a complete shock – such a fog at the mountain walls that you can’t see anything at all. My mother and I flirt, but we continue, knowing that the sun is at the top. We’ll have to cross the fog to the sun and the views :).

Vratca pass and the climb

By the way, across the Vratca pass, the path also leads to Slemenova Špica, which I described in one of the previous blog posts.
We have a few more minutes to walk under the walls until we see a turn to the left and into the beginning of the Hanzove path. Let’s put the walking sticks away, pull the helmets out of the backpack (a self-protection kit is also recommended!), get some refreshments, and hop onto the wall. Wedges and ropes are our constant companions. We are going higher and higher, but there are people below us, so we must be extra careful not to start an avalanche with rocks.

But then we hear a loud bang, and the first rocks fly past us. Thank God we were so far up that we could hide under the wall as more significant and more enormous stones started flying. Luckily we were unharmed, as were all the other hikers below us. Who triggered it all? A careless mountaineer above us, whose helmet escaped.

1637584201854 768x1024 1 Kranjska gora

We continue a bit scared and unsure, but when we break out of the fog, and the sun shines on us again, we experience something unforgettable, something that is an actual act of nature. The appearance of Gloria, which is downright insane. We are all excited. Of course, we have to take photos of this :P.

To the top, we go

We are only a few steps from the top of Mala Mojstrovka by a few minutes of a steep path. In a good hour and a half, we are both on top and enjoying the warm sun, and we can finally admire the views.

1637584230163 Kranjska gora
1637584230138 Kranjska gora

Going down

We return to Vršič along the southern route, which is partially demanding, and we have to be careful not to slip. In the last part of the route, we head straight to the screen, and we are at the car as if in a flash. When we drive back to Jacobs Resort, and there is no more fog in the valley either.

But a safe step, you go to the mountains with your head, and even the easy path should not be underestimated. I share my tips, ideas of what to see and experience with you, but everyone has to take care of safety independently. Therefore, I do not accept responsibility for any injuries and accidents. Everyone knows how much he can do.

Until next time, Bini embarassed

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