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3 FEB 2023, BY BINI

Traditional dishes from Gorenjska

Gorenjska is a land rich in cuisine. ‘Rateški Krapi’ is one of the dishes from the Kranjska Gora area. Come and enjoy the rich flavors.

3 JAN 2023, BY BINI

Winter Sledding

You can go sledding on your own or even on a guided tour, but it all depends on the weather conditions and the amount of snow. Here are some examples: Tamar, Tromeja, Krnica & Ski Resort Kranjska Gora.

18 DEC 2022, BY BINI

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort

A ski resort was opened in Kranjska Gora for the 2022/2023 season. The opening took place on December 17, 2022. So the enjoyment can begin.

29 NOV 2022, BY BINI

Mountain Vošca

If you want to enjoy the snow now, you must go higher. And for that, we will go to the mountain Vošca today. We are talking about a hidden pearl where the views are phenomenal if you experience them.

7 NOV 2022, BY BINI

About Podkoren

The small village of Podkoren, with its famous hundred-year-old lime tree, is where the Jacobs Resort apartments are also located. Podkoren is, in fact, a village where peace and quiet meet. Come and experience it.

4 OCT 2022, BY BINI

In search of golden larches

Autumn and all these colors: yellow, orange, red, and gold. So, where can we find many colored larch trees in the surroundings of Kranjska Gora?

27 SEP 2022, BY BINI

43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

In 2023, Planica and Kranjska Gora will host the 43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships from February 21 to March 5, 2023.

16 AUG 2022, BY BINI

Everything you need to know about Kranjska Gora

Everything you need to know about:
1.) parking;
2.) shops, restaurants & bars;
3.) cycle routes;
4.) tourist attractions & sports activities;
5.) mountain peaks & valleys.

8 JUN 2022, BY BINI

Laghi di Fusine in Italia

Belopeška Lakes, Laghi di Fusine in Italian are located in a beautiful place, under the foothills of Mangart, Ponce, and Vevnica. It is about 10 kilometers from Kranjska Gora to the Belopeška lakes. Of course, cycling trips can be extended or upgraded.

25 MAY 2022, BY BINI

Golica and Daffodils

Flowering daffodils on the Golica are among the spring highlights in the Slovenian mountains: beautiful views, thousands of flowers, and accessible paths for an unforgettable experience.

16 MAY 2022, BY BINI

Visoki Mavrinc & Kumlehova glava

Visoki Mavrinc and Kumlehova glava offer incredible views. And since I still prefer unmarked trails, I like to go to this end of the Julian Alps.

10 MAY 2022, BY BINI

Mountain Tromeja

Mountain Tromeja with our puppy Kan! The path, which starts in village Rateče, is not demanding and therefore suitable for both children and dogs. Just come and enjoy!

7 APR 2022, BY BINI

Hiking trails around Kranjska Gora

There are many hiking trails in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora. There are valleys Krnica, Tamar, Vrata, Kot, and Krma — also lakes and mountains: Tromeja, Cipernik, Slemenova Špica, Prisojnik, Triglav, and even more. 

22 MAR 2022, BY BINI

Where to eat in Kranjska Gora?

In Kranjska Gora and its surroundings are many restaurants, pizzerias, log cabins, and cottages with local, traditional, general, or unique offers for you to enjoy. We usually visit these restaurants when eating out in Kranjska Gora. These are our recommendations.

7 APR 2021, BY BINI

Jof di Montasio

Cima di Terrarossa and Jof di Montasio – the second-highest mountain of the Julian Alps. An exciting tour that offers a lot of beautiful views and adrenaline. Ibex and marmots along the way provide other unforgettable experiences. 

8 MAR 2021, BY BINI

Valley Krnica 

Krnica is very interesting to visit in all seasons. I visited it with my friends in the winter, when it was even more attractive due to all the snow. Crazy views, a simple tour, and the possibility of sledding – an unforgettable experience. 

6 FEB 2021, BY BINI

Waterfall Peričnik

On an icy cold day, otherwise bathed in sunshine, we set off on foot from Mojstrana to the Peričnik waterfall. An accessible route, lots of snow, and an enthusiastic puppy Kan for a beautiful trip. It is an adventure, of course also suitable for children. 

18 JAN 2021, BY BINI

Lake Jasna

Beautiful view of mountain Razor and Prisojnik, crystal clear water, the famous bronze statue of an ibex, and ducks swimming happily on the lake. This is Jasna, an artificially formed double lake, at the confluence of the Velika and Mala Pišnica streams. Definitely interesting to visit in all seasons!

3 JAN 2021, BY BINI

Pets in Jacobs Resort

Pets are more than welcome at the Jacobs Resort. Our dog Kan also likes to wander around Kranjska Gora with us, exploring the surrounding hills and mountains. Maybe even our parrot – the Great Chinese Alexander – Tobby will join us this summer. So let the exploration with our pets by the side begin.

29 DEC 2020, BY BINI

Lake Zelenci at the winter

Zelenci. Certainly one of the more famous points of the municipality of Kranjska Gora. Beautiful colors and amazing views, as well as a large number of interesting animal and plant species. We visited them this time in the snow, so their famous green-blue color only came to the fore.

19 DEC 2020, BY BINI

Climbing Path to Mala Mojstrovka

The climbing route to Mala Mojstrovka is one of the most demanding paths in the Julian Alps. However, in just over two hours, you will rise to 2332 meters above sea level, and beautiful views and adrenaline will accompany you.

11 DEC 2020, BY BINI

Valley Tamar

This time we are going to Tamar. We start under the ski jumps in Planica. In addition to walking and then sledding back through the alpine valley, cross-country skiing is also usually possible.

5 DEC 2020, BY BINI

First snow of the year

Maybe this year, we will finally be enjoying a snowy winter again. The ski resort is also preparing for the upcoming season. Of course, in Kranjska Gora, walking in the winter idyll, sledding, or cross-country skiing is also possible.

26 NOV 2020, BY BINI

Mountain Slemenova Špica

Slemenova Špica from the Vršič – marked trail, suitable for puppies and children. You will rise to 1911 meters above sea level in a good hour of walking and enjoy the crazy views.